Scenery Building

_0006_sceneryThe Scenery Shop builds its scenery the old fashioned way. With good skill, ingenuity, attention to detail and thinking through every step. There is no point building scenery big and heavy thinking it will save time on the get in and fit up, if you cannot fit it through the door at the other end! Everyone working here has, in a past life, stood at dock doors with bits of scenery built by others that just won’t fit in and are ridiculously heavy to move.

We build manageable, well constructed, well finished and well thought through scenery on budget and on time.


IMG_2666Our team of regular painters have made mountains of wood look like metal, concrete or simply more expensive wood and are skilled in transforming our well built scenery into the finished image of the designers vision.

Clever Engineering

_0001_engineeringFrom automated and flipping trucks, swinging open 5×4 metre windows, cutting cars in half, flying vans, to folding up flown projection screens and air cannons that fire props across the stage, The Scenery Shop is not afraid of the challenges required for modern theatrical design. Care, planning and years of experience of working on shows at every level, we know how to make something that will stand up to 8 shows a week for 52 weeks of the year.


_0005_propsBecause the little things are as important at the big, our attention to detail can shrink down to the very small. 1:10 versions of Greyhound Buses to novelty sized pots of cream and toothpaste; you think of it and we’ve probably made it before.

Festivals & Events

_0000_boomtown_1Never daunted by scale, location or environment; The Scenery Shop has built large-scale stages and settings for festivals and events – most notably the Lions Den and the Old Mine for Boomtown Festival UK Ltd and the ConsLondon skate park in Peckham for Converse.


_0000_commercialThe Scenery Shop has built staging for flower festivals, children’s play areas in shopping centres, stages for conferences and award ceremonies, display cases for West End Hotels, event settings for Conde Naste, window displays for Bulgari, and even dragons for the Chinese government.

Art Installation

_0003_installationThe Scenery Shop has had the honour of rigging the Lent Art Installation at Southwark Cathedral for the past five years. This annual Easter celebration comes with the highest of prestige and the greatest of challenges – rigging art in a working medieval building! However, never deterred by the challenge the Scenery Shop has been proud to figure out how to hang some truly striking pieces of work both inside and outside of the building.